With a maximum of 8 people per class, we get to modify and adjust exercises based off what you need on the day. We offer three kinds of group classes but all follow the basic idea of helping you understand your body, so you can harness it’s full potential.

Mat Pilates: A body-weight inspired class, where we deliver the foundations required to move your body day-to-day. Often small props are used to assist in movement, but otherwise this class is an excellent entry point for new clients, and those who like to challenge themselves.

Reformer Pilates: Using the reformers to provide assistance, and resistance, these classes are a great way to gradually increase your strength and flexibility. The reformer can be modified easily, and allows for a huge number of exercises that may not be possible without the support of the springs the machine provides. Excellent for those who have done some Mat Pilates and are looking for a different challenge.

Form & Flow: A creation by co-founder, Ash Berry, these classes are a combination of Mat Pilates and Barre. Having been heavily involved in delivering fitness-based barre classes in London, Ash put this class together to deliver a workout that offered a similar level of challenge, but with the added movement education offered of Mat Pilates. Ideal for anyone looking to work on standing strength, balance, or coordination.