Looking for something to complement your private practice or just after a bit of group fun? With a maximum of 8 students, our group classes are designed with form and fitness in mind - structured to help you understand your body and harness it’s full potential. Our expert instructors will work with you from start to finish, modifying and adjusting exercises based off what you need on the day.

In addition to the classes listed below, we are in the processing of developing more group classes for our community, so keep an eye on this page and MindBody to stay up to date on all the News.

All our classes are suitable to all levels and our expert instructors will provide modifications and progressions as needed. If you are pregnant or have any injuries, please contact us directly about class options.

MAT PILATES: The essence and foundation of the Pilates method. Relying on your own body's strength and control, with the occasional assistance of small props, you will flow from exercise to exercise with a focus on integrating the whole body into movement. This class is designed to build body awareness and core stabilisation, tone and lengthen from head to toe.

REFORMER PILATES: With spring-loaded resistance, the Reformer allows for a new repertoire of exercises, honing in on specific muscles and isolating for that deeper challenge. Exercises will be safe and simple - but that doesn’t mean easy! Expect to be challenged as you gradually increase your strength, control, and flexibility.

FORM & FLOW: A creation by co-founder Ash Berry, Form & Flow merges the best of Mat Pilates and Barre. As the name implies, the class focuses on form and technique with a combination of movements and exercises that flow together at a faster pace. Moving between moments of standing, lying down and using the barre for support, it is designed to work your brain and body simultaneously to improve coordination and balance. You should expect to feel challenged in your movements and excited by what you discover your body is capable of. The class finishes with a release to open and free the body and reflect with the mind.

MOVEMENT ESSENTIALS: A creation by co-founder Rob Carruthers, this classes focuses on the essential movements we all need to be doing every day, in order to maintain the suppleness and integrity of our joints. Expect to get up and down of the ground a lot, use your feet, stretch your hips, and twist your spine. Suitable for everyone, with modifications and progressions given.

YOGA: Taught by Carolina, this class draws on her diverse background in Yoga, Pilates, and movement education. It encourages a gentle flow through asanas, connecting the mind deeper into the body. This compassionate class focuses on form and alignment, and the longer holds and slower transitions will allow you to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve stamina.

STRETCH & RELEASE: The perfect way to end the day or relax after one of our other classes! Our Stretch & Release class aims to release and unwind the mind and body by focusing on relieving tension and tightness through muscle and fascia. Using a mix of small props and deep, long stretches, expect to release excess fascia build up, working to a freer moving body with enhanced posture and flexibility.