Bringing the best in Pilates and Functional Neurology to Melbourne, and the world.

Born out of a desire to improve the health and well being industry, Rob and Ash launched their brain child of Movementality in 2017, taking over the existing Balance & Control Pilates studio on the edge of Richmond and Abbotsford.

For those of you needing help with pain or injuries, our Functional Neurology sessions aim to normalise your health and physiology, in preparation for our unique approach to Clinical Pilates that will have you moving and thinking differently.

If you’re just looking for some help with healthy movement, ante- or post-natal support, or general strength and flexibility, then we’ve got a number of options for you.

Movementality is a top-notch Pilates studio. Ash and Rob have created a warm, inclusive space, and the quality of training is superb. Their knowledge is second-to-none, and regardless of your fitness or experience level, they will guide you to swift and clear improvement in strength, alignment and conditioning. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Movementality, do yourself a favour and check them out.
— James Mackay, Australian Actor