Environmentally friendly pilates  Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

More than just Pilates

"When we entered the journey of taking over an existing company we knew that we were interested in more than just delivering kick-ass Pilates. We wanted to have a positive social impact that went well beyond the studio. Growing up in the beautiful south island of New Zealand, meant for me helping the environment took priority. As a result, we have taken a series of steps to reduce Movementality's carbon footprint with the vision of becoming a completely environmentally sustainable studio in the future."

Rob Carruthers 

Our Environmental Commitments

  • We divested our banking out of one of the big four banks that backs fossil fuel production. We now use a carbon neutral bank that reinvests in the local community and has nothing to do with the fossil fuel industry.

  • We get our energy from a provider who only invests in renewable energy. We also get 20% green energy, and are hoping to move to 100% by the end of 2020. 

  • We are committed to an online record keeping system to ensure a reduction of paper usage with the goal to be paper free by 2020.

These small steps help move us towards our goal of becoming more than just a Pilates studio. We will always ensure our clients are our first priority and not inconvenienced, but if you are ever wondering about a choice we've made in the studio space hopefully this sheds some light on our reasoning. If we each do our little bit we have the potential to create momentous change.