Pilates & the Bump...

Bomechanics Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

I have trained in Barre and Pilates with Ash one to one for 3 years. First in London and then when she moved back to Melbourne I missed her sessions so much, we set up a weekly Skype session. She is such an inspirational teacher, her detailed and tailored approach and attention to detail are second to none. Her classes have transformed my body and the way I think about movement, with lots of fun along the way.

Both before and when I became pregnant, she was with me through every step, the exciting but nerve wracking early days and then as each month progressed and the bump grew and started to move! I found her sessions so helpful and positive, we even had a skype a week before I gave birth! 

Ash is highly sensitive to her client's needs and modified my training programme weekly to ensure my pregnancy and the bump were supported in the best way. I always feel so energised and balanced after her sessions and this continued throughout my pregnancy. I found that aches and pains that had developed throughout the week were eased away and Ash gave me exercises to do inbetween to help too. Ash specialises in building the right balance of body awareness, strength and flexibility, and yes, that is still possible when you have a growing bump! 

When I mentioned her work recently to a top cranial osteopath, she replied 'there isn't anyone in London doing this type of work.' Ash really takes pre and post natal client care to the next level.

Bomechanics Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

I was so happy to see Ash and Rob in London last week and introduce her to our baby daughter, Rose. From the bump that grew week by week to gorgeous little person! What a special time to share together. 

Once my body is ready, I'm really looking forward to continuing my Pilates training post-natally and know I am in excellent hands as Ash works with lots of new mums and can even help incorporate baby into the sessions. Rose, we're starting you young!!


Emma Hamilton-Shaw, London

Editors note: Rose Hamilton-Shaw was born on 21st May 2017, weighing in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. 


If you are looking for any further information on pre- or post natal Pilates care or would like to organise some online training sessions, do not hesitate to email ash@movementality.com.au or phone the studio on 9429 6448.