Functional Neurology is a rapidly expanding and hugely exciting field we are very proud to be able to bring to our clients. Through assessing and understanding your body from the functionality of the brain and nervous system, we can begin to understand what resources your body requires to correct problems long interpreted as irreversible or beyond help. The power of this work has helped thousands of people around the globe with a huge number of dysfunctions including sleep disorders, injury both acute and chronic, and anecdotally has been very influential in helping people with chronic disease. Functional Neurology is not restricted to these cases though - as recognition of its effectiveness grows, so does exposure to other ailments, as well as incorporation with sports teams for aiding in performance.

Rob offers the Posturepro alignment system, specifically for adjusting the sensory system to balance your posture. We also offer Vibeplate privates, to learn how to use the Vibeplate independently when in the studio.

If you’re not sure what Functional Neurology can do for you, contact us and Rob will discuss your questions with you.