Robert Carruthers Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Rob Carruthers

Rob finished his exercise science and physiology degree in New Zealand before teaching fitness-based reformer Pilates classes in some of central London’s most popular studios. He retrained to focus on injury rehabilitation, and landed a number of roles in physiotherapy clinics, where he also got to support the medical staff at the Brentford Championship Football League delivering Pilates. During this time, he also wandered down the rabbit hole that it is the functional neurology training. This has now become his main focus outside of the Pilates, and the two interlink beautifully to provide answers to problems with movement or injuries that won’t seem to go away!

Ashleigh Berry Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Ash Berry

Ash attended ballet class from the age of five and continued her dance training for another 16 years, completing her honours in dance in 2009. After graduation, she worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher throughout Australia, Europe and the UK until 2015 and taught Barre in London. In 2016 she moved to Melbourne and completed her diploma of Integrated Pilates under mentor Bruce Hilderbrand whilst also working at Balance & Control. Movementality was founded a year later and she now works alongside partner Rob Carruthers in their beautiful open plan studio.
Ash has a knack for working with injuries, having faced many during her dance career and specializes in helping young dancers boost their performance potential. She also has additional pre and post-natal experience and offers national and international online Skype training.

Mollie Hildebrand Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Mollie Hildebrand

Mollie came to Pilates through her love of dance, fitness and movement education. With over 14 years of experience, Mollies brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her classes. Mollie was owner and co-director of The Pilates Center Mosman in Sydney 2004-8, before moving to Melbourne to join her husband Bruce and his team at Balance & Control Pilates. Through her extensive training with Polestar, she also acted as an assistant educator for Polestar training programs throughout Australia. With 2 young children, Mollie brings her pregnancy experience to the many women that come along to classes. She has a special interest in women's health, general fitness and the importance of posture, strength, and balance in the older client.

Tessa Kitchener Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Tessa Kitchener

Tessa qualified as a physiotherapist in 1998 from Kings College London and discovered Pilates while working as a physio in Cape Town in 2000. Tessa brings her many years of clinical experience and knowledge and integrates this into her Pilates practice. She loves educating people about their bodies and believes in creating balance in people's lives from the exercise they do to the food they eat. Tessa has 2 young girls and so she has personal as well as professional experience with pregnancy and post natal mums. She loves working to strengthen and re-balance the body with Pilates exercises. Tessa also loves seeing the huge benefits of Pilates in older clients improving their posture, strength, balance etc and using her clinical experience to reduce joint pain, improve spinal mobility or rehabilitate after a hip/knee replacement or surgery.

Patricia Avendano Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Patricia Avendano

Patricia moved to Australia from Colombia in 2013 with the dream of learning another language and to continue her professional development. She decided to focus her studies on Yoga and Pilates, which she has used effectively for her own personal care since 2008. This new life allowed her to develop a deeper yoga practice, of which she will be a student of forever, along with with fitness and now more extensive Pilates training. Patricia likes how alive and connected to herself she feels when she moves and loves guiding others through their own movement experience. Teaching others how to connect with their bodies has been a great privilege for Patricia. Also this experience taught her how powerful the mind and body can be and how versatile we are. 

Carolina Moya Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Carolina Moya

Carolina graduated with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Chile in 2013, and during her following roles in Chile started using Pilates as a tool to support her physiotherapy treatments. Through this process, she has also experienced success in working through her own hip and lumbopelvic issues. She loves to show people how to move optimally, improve their posture, and include exercise and Pilates as a weekly habit in their lives. She enjoys challenging people to realise they can do much more with their bodies than what they think, and believes that we need to nourish our mind and body daily while looking to create healthy relationships and live a simple life.

Manuella Riberio Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Manuella Ribeiro

Manuella is passionate about movement, rehabilitation and functionality. Due to a shoulder injury when she was 18, simple daily activities such as laying on that shoulder, carrying a bag or reaching overhead with that arm were uncomfortable most of the time. For almost 10 years, she had accepted she would just have to live with those limitations, until she started participating in regular Pilates sessions herself. Pilates was the catalyst in her unexpected recovery and fueled her passion to explore what else she could work on through her Pilates Education. Exploring and understanding movement is the basis from which Manuella continues to learn from her experiences, to then share her knowledge for an authentic Pilates experience.

Ai Mei Khor Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Ai Mei Khor

Ai Mei’s love for Pilates started in 2000 when she lived in London, After a few years traveling, her passion was reignited after suffering a knee injury she rehabilitated through Pilates. She continued Pilates while pregnant with her first child and experienced the benefits of a quick recovery after birth. In 2017, she pursued a career in her field of passion and was certified as a Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehab practitioner. Ai Mei’s goal is to use the principles of Pilates in cultivating the awareness of our mind-body connection to develop a better quality of movement. Besides Pilates, Ai Mei is also a certified Barre Attack instructor and is currently undergoing her Gyrotonic certification. She has a special interest in pre- and post-natal and general fitness in older clients.

Katey Harris Movementality Functional Neurology Pilates Melbourne

Katey Harris

Originally from the United States, Katey started Pilates in 2006 for both its fitness and wellness benefits; finding the mind-body connection of Pilates integral to helping handle the stress of modern corporate life.  Transitioning from a career in law and small business, she completed her BASI Pilates Instructor Training in 2018 and hasn’t looked back.  She is passionate about the ability of Pilates to calm and focus the mind in our own body, and help to forge internal connections.  She has a particular interest in using group fitness to build community in a digital age and using that setting to make everyday movement easier.